My Priorities

Over the last several years, I’ve watched businesses like Boeing and Caterpillar leave Illinois and take their high-paying jobs with them.  And the companies that remain, like State Farm, McDonald's Corp, and our healthcare organizations, are struggling to attract employees because this state is ranked the 2nd worst place to buy a home, this state has the 2nd highest layoff rate, and this state has out-of-control taxing.  

Our own Illinois college and university graduates are looking for job opportunities in other states … and they are finding them!

Since the SAFE-T Act was passed, violent crime has skyrocketed, almost 14% in Peoria. Activities in my district are being canceled, as murder rates clime. This Legislation has failed. It is empowering criminals and creating new layers of expense for communities.

I stepped up to run for Illinois Senate because I believe we need better laws not more laws. Illinois lawmakers have shown us that a bigger, more expensive government is not working. Their laws have made our economy weak, our communities less safe, and a quality education, simply out of reach for many. However, they gave themselves a pay increase of more than 14%, more than $12,900.

I’m not a career politician and I won’t become one. I believe in term limits. Good leaders develop succession plans that include younger, smarter leaders to continue the mission. I will work hard to improve THIS community, right here in Central Illinois.

I believe we can do better … I believe YOU deserve better! 

Join me in my race, become a volunteer or donor. 

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